PP_PETvapor Membrane

Amount of water vapor(g/㎡.24h)


Water tightness(mm)


Breaking strength(N/50mm)


Breaking elongation rate (%)



Product Description

House Dress Jinbo® waterproof breathable membrane is laid on the surface of building insulation layer just like a layer of protective clothing.

House Dress Jinbo® PP_PEvapor Membrane is laid on the foundation. It can strengthen the water tightness of buildings. Meanwhile, it can prevent the indoor damp into insulation layer, protect the insulation layer from erosion and improve the thermal insulation effect and service life to a great extent. Using House Dress Jinbo® waterproof breathable membrane and vapor insulation membrane together can make the wall and roof have excellent water vapor isolation effect. It also can make the water vapor in enclosure discharged freely and protect thermal performance of building envelope, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

The vapor barrier which is laid on the foundation layer, can strengthen the water tightness of the building and protect the insulation layer from corrosion of the indoor moisture. The application of Jinbo vapor barrier and breathable membrane will help the moisture discharged smoothly and protect the thermal structure and achieve energy saving purpose.

The vapor barrier and waterproof breathable membranes are used on steel structure (or wooden structure) roofs or walls, which are laid under the insulation layer to prevent the moisture from penetrating into the building and keep the interior of the building dry.



Technical standard of House Dress Jinbo® PP_PETvapor Membrane


Maximum pulling forceVertical/207N/50mm/GB/T 328.9-2007
Breaking elongation rate (%)Vertical/30%/GB/T 328.9-2007
Tear performance(N)Vertical/75N/GB/T 328.18-2007
Impermeable/2000mm,2h/GB/T 328.10-2007
Low temperature flexibility/-40℃/GB/T 328.115-2007
Water vapor transmission rate/9.2g/(㎡-24h)/GB 1037-1988

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