0.49mm House Wrap





Smallest diameter of the droplet

20 microns

Water Vapor Molecule

0.0004 microns

Product Description

Resists Bulk Water
Stops Solar Vapor Drive
Surfactant Resistance
Superior Strength
UV Resistance
Wind and Tear Resistance
Recognized as an Air Barrier

Synthetic roofing underlayment is an excellent 100% synthetic roofing underlayment designed for 15 lb/30lb asphalt felt replacement.
The underlayment on a roof is a membrane that is applied to the plywood or ‘deck’ of your roof as an extra layer of water
penetration protection before your shingles are installed.
It provides your roof with an extra layer of protection that shingles alone can’t match.It can be used for steep slope
roofing to provide a lasting layer of protection against wind driven rain, shingle blow offs and damage caused by adverse weather conditions.
It is designed to use under wood, asphalt, synthetic shingles, residential metal and cedar shakes.

Working principle

The working principle of House Dress Jinbo® waterproof breathable membrane is micro porous vapor permeation. The smallest diameter of the droplet is about 20 microns, but the water vapor molecule is only about 0.0004 microns in diameter. So there is a huge difference in the diameter of them. The water vapor can be discharged through the micro holes on the basis of diffusion principle. Liquid water or water drop have surface tension so that water molecules can not be discharged. Therefore, House Dress Jinbo® waterproof breathable membrane can proof water and permeate vapor.

House Dress Jinbo® waterproof breathable membrane is laid on the foundation. It can strengthen the water tightness of buildings. Meanwhile, it can prevent the indoor damp into insulation layer, protect the insulation layer from erosion and improve the thermal insulation effect and service life to a great extent. Using House Dress Jinbo® waterproof breathable membrane and vapor insulation membrane together can make the wall and roof have excellent water vapor isolation effect. It also can make the water vapor in enclosure discharged freely and protect thermal performance of building envelope, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Application of roofing