The concept of family rap is not new. It exists in the protective layer of your house wrap for a long time in some form. It is self-evident how much the external thermal insulation layer of the house wrap is. Wrap your house wrap with some protective layer to provide insulation for your house wrap . This is called house wrap wrapping insulation. Home wrapping paper is a very thin film made of different materials such as plastic, fiber, tape and film. They can also be a combination of two or more of these materials.

Texture of material

People can use fiberglass insulation, foil insulation, foam insulation, vinyl insulation, aerogel housing insulation to provide excellent insulation for their house wrap s. Different types of construction paper are also used, but they are not as effective as other insulators. The home packaging is strong and will not absorb or allow moisture to pass through, thus providing good water resistance for your house wrap .

Necessity of installation

Home scarves installed in the right way prevent any moisture or air from passing through the wall cavities, providing proper insulation for your house wrap . It also improves the thermal efficiency of your house wrap , because it does not allow air to leak through the wall cavity, thus reducing the cooling and heating time of our house wrap , and therefore saving electricity. They also do not allow large amounts of water to penetrate, helping to keep the wall cavity dry. Even if water seeps into the exterior wall, house wrap hold garbage will deflect it and make it flow downward into the exterior wall, thus contributing to the durability of the building wall and preventing its degradation. Since moisture and water are not allowed to be trapped in the wall, this also helps prevent any bacteria or mold from forming on both sides of the wall.

Installation Guide

The most important thing is its correct installation. In order to achieve this, the manufacturer’s guidelines must be strictly followed. All external and internal corners of the building must be properly wrapped. Once the house wrap wife’s seam is paved, it must be fixed with tape to provide comprehensive protection against moisture and air intrusion. When installing, not only as an insulator, but also as an air barrier, all installation rules must be followed, such as sealing all penetrations, tape joints and using waterproof materials. Incomplete installation or opening the gable end of the building is bound to cause problems. It is often seen that failure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines during the installation process will often lead to damage to the insulation performance of home packaging materials.